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Adventure travels to nature

  • Meeting day at Vimpa Island

    Meeting day at Vimpa Island

    Vimpasaare's archipelago area offers an innovative and tranquil setting of event on the celebration of Vimpa Club and glassed sea terrace.
  • Seminar at Rakinkotka

    Seminar at Rakinkotka

    Rakinkotka is a paradise island for nature lovers. It offers an idyllic, old-fashioned style island village environment for unforgettable meetings or celebrations.
  • Fishing trip to Rakinkotka

    Fishing trip to Rakinkotka

    Spend an exciting day Rakinkotka fishing village the fish-rich waters with skilled guides.
  • Spinning on the sea

    Spinning on the sea

    We fish the nearby waters. Let's hope the "Neptunes" favorable participation. Prey fish: pike, pike perch, perch, trout.
  • Trip to ice fishing

    Trip to ice fishing

    Getting around on the ice is always a special experience. You can move on foot, skis, snowshoes, snowmobile or hovercraft, to your wishes
  • Challenging burbot ice-fishing

    Challenging burbot ice-fishing

    Welcome to enjoy the most challenging ice-fishing trip to the sea in wintertime.
  • Beautiful archipelago of Hamina

    Beautiful archipelago of Hamina

    Unforgetable islands and beautiful scenery on the same day.
  • Island trip to Rakinkotka

    Island trip to Rakinkotka

    Day trip gives you a possibility to connect with nature and feel the atmosphere of Eco village.
  • Sailing day to Eco Island

    Sailing day to Eco Island

    Professional skipper guides us along the beautiful archipelago route towards the idyllic fishing village of Rakinkotka.
  • Herring party at Vimpasaari

    Herring party at Vimpasaari

    Herring has always been one of the basic ingredients for coastal area food. You can have it salted, cooked, fried, smoked, grilled etc.
  • Romantic Wedding Event

    Romantic Wedding Event

    Spend the unforgettable wedding day on paradice island Rakinkotka or Idyllic island Vimpasaari, where you come by car.
  • Nature and Me

    Nature and Me

    Green welfare at Rakinkotka. Rehersal with yours senses. Let the nature be as the ”headcoach".
  • WHP-day at archipelago

    WHP-day at archipelago

    Spend an unforgettable, refreshing day at Rakinkotka Eco-village. Forget daily worries and to get to know co-workers better.
  • Migration of arctic birds

    Migration of arctic birds

    One of the most beautiful events that nature can offer for us. Join us to experience this massive birds over flight.
  • Seeds for your soul

    Seeds for your soul

    Balance your body and mind with the help of nutrition, yoga, silence and nature relationship. Feel the heat of Finnish sauna, campfires and fish delicacies.
  • Back to natur

    Back to natur

    We follow water that flows from lakes along the river to the sea. Enjoy our clear lakes, fresh nature and the hospitality of the host families
  • Christmas party

    Christmas party

    Christmas party Hamina archipelago offers an atmospheric and certainly a different Christmas party at Vimpasaari.
  • Islands mid summer

    Islands mid summer

    Rent the cabin and spend a memorable midsummer celebration enjoying the nature, crowned by an evening bonfire and soft heat at smoke sauna.
  • Senses without light

    Senses without light

    The product is designed to appeal and affect all senses.

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    Welcome to enjoy the archipelago

    Vimpa Islands offers experiences and activities in a beautiful natural environments on the mainland and on the islands throughout the year. Unforgettable meeting, fishing, nature and adventure trips in Kymenlaakso, Hamina archipelago. Our kitchen is specialized in manufacturing of seafood and the island's own root vegetables and vegetables delicious meals, including gluten-free. Also available for rent cottages in the archipelago.

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    Far from ordinary

    Come and visit us on Vimpa Island, we are happy to offer you a multitude of activities and experiences on the beautiful mainland and the archipelago of southeast Finland, active in every season of the year! Business or pleasure!


    Vimpa Eco Energy

    Rakinkotka the island is self-sufficient in energy production. The island is a new hypridivoimalaitos that we need to produce energy from the sun and wind.


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