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Eco Island Village on a paradise island

The Rakinkotka Island, with an area of 27 hectares, is situated a 7 km boatride from the main land and it is all ours to use. We have built a cosy old-fashioned island village to entertain our customers. A part of the buildings are from the 17th century and a part are built from the island wood, broken by storms. As a building material from outside the island we have used 55 km of ecological heat-treated wood. We use green energy from sun and wind.

The nature of the archipelago is exceptionally diverse and beautiful. In summertime we have lambs and chicken on the island, in spring and summertime we enjoy watching thousands of birds as their mass migration route goes over our island. Our bird-watching tower has a great location for not only the bird-watching but also admiring the picturesque sea view.

The clear waters of Rakinkotka offer year round possibilities for different kind of fishing. We fish for instance salmon, brown trout, whitefish, pike, burbot, perch, pike perch, cold fish, eel and herring. Our kitchen is specialized in making delicious meals of fresh fish and products from our own island vegetable garden.

Rakinkotka also offers a 3 km easy-to-walk island path, Elmolandia -activity center and a playful forest golf course. Traces of the transports of granit from the island quarry to St. Petersburg in the 16th century are still visible, so there are winds of history blowing on the island as well!

Wintertime we offer fishing, skiing, snow shoe hiking, snowmobiling, ice-golf or taking a hovercraft trip. Enjoying the untouched wintertime nature scenery, making camp fires or even spot a seal are one-of-a-kind experiences. The transfer to Rakinkotka is safely managed by boats or ships according to weather and season. We also have our own hovercraft.


  • Vimpa Island 7 km
  • Hamina 15 km
  • Kouvola 50 km
  • Helsinki 140 km
  • Lahti 120 km
  • St Petersburg 270 km

Accommodation and meeting facilities:

  • Meeting 50+30+30 persons
  • Accommodation for 60 persons
  • Serves 120 persons
  • Rock smoke sauna 20 , traditional sauna 12 persons

Far from ordinary

Come and visit us on Vimpa Island, we are happy to offer you a multitude of activities and experiences on the beautiful mainland and the archipelago of southeast Finland, active in every season of the year! Business or pleasure!


Vimpa Eco Energy

Rakinkotka the island is self-sufficient in energy production. The island is a new hypridivoimalaitos that we need to produce energy from the sun and wind.


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