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Arktika 2017

Arktika is one of the most beautiful events that nature can offer for us. Join us to experience this massive event!

Arktika 2017 Rakinkotka ecovillages, Hamina
Date: May

Gathering at Hamina Vimpasaari, accessible by car. The transition to Rakinkotka by sea takes about 15 minutes.

Place and date are greath for Arktika monitoring. Rakinkotka location is excellent in relation to the Arctic bird migration routes.


Excursion in the amount of 27 acres Rakinkotka island, which is located about 8 km away from the mainland. Ecological island village, there is good accommodation, training rooms, rock smoke sauna and traditional sauna. Evening and singing moments can also be arranged at campfire beside the island several lean-to shelters.
Island chance to savor delicacies like fresh seafood or go fishing at the sea.

Rakinkotka has been a popular nature, adventure, fishing - and meeting tourism destination since 2002.


Program must be planned with caution because weather and bird migration routes may vary:

  • "Bird peering" at 05-11 between
  • to move the monitoring of 17-21 between

We take into account the weather, and bird migration activity. Before the end of the trip we watch your bird pictures and reward the most species photographed person.

Evenings spent a delicious dinner ryydittämänä island mentally. Singing and music, of course, part of the program.

Along our tours are nature photography and bird specialists.

Costs per person:       (amount of persons 12-60)

  • The price starts from 240 euros / day, drinks are billed separately.2 day 470 € and 750 € for 4 days. 
  • Including breakfasts and meals, a sauna, insurance and sea transportation, and of course two overnight stays.
  • Tammio and Outer Tammio trips at an additional cost.
  • The island has a-license.


Get ready for chilly weather. Although the air temperature would be high, seawater is only few on the plus. Winter dress - at least prepare yourself for coldness. You can borrow "flotation suits," if there is such a need.
Own optics, but if you do not have telescope, you can borrow a shared telescope from tour organizers.

For extra Payment: Possible day boat trip to the Outer Tammio or Tammio, Rock smoke sauna, fishing trips. 

Contact information: Mr. Pertti Illi, ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), tel 0400 555 475.

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Come and visit us on Vimpa Island, we are happy to offer you a multitude of activities and experiences on the beautiful mainland and the archipelago of southeast Finland, active in every season of the year! Business or pleasure!


Vimpa Eco Energy

Rakinkotka the island is self-sufficient in energy production. The island is a new hypridivoimalaitos that we need to produce energy from the sun and wind.


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